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Competition Expectations

Save the whole weekend.

It is vital that you save the entire weekend for the competition dates given to you. We will not know the schedule until 1 week prior to the competition; therefore, you must keep all 3 days available. If for any reason, your child CANNOT participate in any of the competition days, you must notify me ASAP so arrangements can be made to fill your dancers spot.


Dancers must arrive THREE hours ahead.

This is not a request THIS IS MANDATORY! Competition times are an estimate and may run slower or faster than anticipated and we must be prepared for either. Dancers are required to be READY 1 hour ahead, this includes hair/makeup/costumes. Dancers will need time to get ready and warm-up physically and mentally.


Payments must be up to date.

As discussed in the team contract, I cannot register for a competition until ALL payments are made in FULL. No exceptions will be made.


Make a Checklist.

Know what you need well in advance of the competition. Making a specific list is a huge help, list everything from costume (each piece separately) to bobby pins.


No Divas allowed.

This should be a fun and exciting time for all, so please do not act like divas! This goes for dancers and parents.


Good behavior is required.

This goes for dancers and their families. Family members are welcome to come watch and support. Please remember, NO running and NO noise. We want to reflect the positive atmosphere that we work so hard for to shine at competitions. This means good manners and good sportsmanship from ALL dancers to ALL dancers. No matter how other studios/dancers act, we will be NICE. If any problems arise, please notify me.


Award Sessions.

This is a fun time for everyone. You are expected to participate in the awards ceremony with your team. If for any reason you must leave before hand please let me know. Dancers are required to wear their team jackets (or red & black Northstar gear), and sit together on stage with appropriate behavior. Sit, pay attention, clap for everyone, always smile and never look disappointed when receiving an award. If dancers cannot behave on stage, they will be restricted from sitting with the team at the next awards. This will be strictly enforced.

SOLOS/DUOS/TRIOS…and placement

Solos, duos and trios are at my sole discretion; even when working with another teacher at the studio. All dancers will be given the opportunity to do a duet or trio, if they are ready. If chosen to do a routine, I will have the final say in all aspects; for example, music, costume, as well as appropriate partners. Solos go beyond just dance skills; it involves technique and stage presence. I will not allow a dancer that is not ready to do a solo. Any dancer interested in doing a solo, duet or trio, please fill out the attached registration paperwork, and hand in the office. This is where I ask for you to trust me. I will always do what is best for the dancer(s) and the team. I know what is best for each dancer, including class levels. Dancers are not placed into levels based on their height or age, but rather on their abilities and what works best within the group, especially within the competition team. I will not hold a child back who is capable because they are small but on the same note will not move somebody up because they are tall. I do know what all of the dancers are capable of and will place them accordingly.


A good attitude is an extremely important part of the Northstar team, and should be extended at all competitions as well as to our own fellow dancers/families. Good sportsmanship starts among teammates. You are not competing against each other; you are only competing against yourself. If poor sportsmanship is seen by Northstar dancers or parents, suspension from the competition team will be considered.

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